Pro-Growth and Opportunity Leadership for Irving

First and foremost, I am honored and humbled to have been supported by thousands of folks across Irving to serve as our Mayor for the past three years and previously as a City Council Representative from 2004-2010. I recognize that people placed their faith in me to vigorously represent their concerns to the City of Irving and I hope they continue to feel I have fulfilled that commitment to them.

I am proud to report the City of Irving is experiencing resurgent growth, not just in terms of new jobs created but also an expanding tax base, families moving into new single family home developments, business relocations, and new capital improvements to enhance the quality of life for our residents. A more open and collaborative process in our city government has made this progress possible. I am running for re-election because it is my continuing goal to further common-sense, well-planned growth that will help families find employment, clean and safe neighborhoods in which to live, and attract more corporate relocations so our city is empowered with opportunities well into the future.

Throughout my time as Mayor and as a Councilperson, I have made it a priority to spend time meeting with homeowners, business leaders, community volunteers, and concerned citizens. Hearing directly from people across our City, being held accountable by them, and focusing our plans on meeting their concerns, allows us to have a truly public-centered approach to managing Irving. Open, honest, conservative management is what I strive for every day.

Experienced Business Woman

I believe there is more to being Mayor of the great city of Irving than just being elected. Annual budgets, economic development projects and city planning all need a discerning eye and relevant business experience to comprehend and acknowledge potential deficiencies and identify workable solutions.

Throughout my twenty-three year career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with small startup companies, mid-size private companies and Fortune 500 corporations. I also founded my own consulting business, working with executives to develop strategic business plans, negotiation strategies, grassroots coalition building and federal and state legislative policy strategies.

Put simply, I have helped run businesses, balance budgets, meet payrolls, and create job opportunities.

This experience has allowed me to not only work with our existing corporate stake-holders but given me the perspective and ability to help promote Irving in a way that leads to new corporate partnerships and relocations to our City. In the past three years there have been forty-three corporate relocations bringing new jobs, expanding our tax base, and helping to drive new construction.

Strong, Consistent, and Conservative Leadership

When people have strong opinions based on fundamental beliefs and values, there are always going to be differences and I do not view that as detrimental to governance.

I am a limited-government conservative who fundamentally believes we need the least amount of government possible so families and small businesses can keep more of what they earn in order to make their own decisions on how best to spend their resources. During my time on the Council and over the past three years as Mayor, I’m proud to have been able to stand up for Irving families and small businesses by working to prevent higher taxes, wasteful spending, or expanded programs that do not serve to promote growth and opportunity for our City.

Dedicated to Education

I appreciate the importance of a strong education having put myself through school, graduating magna cum laude from college, with distinction in all subjects with two-year study as a City and Regional Planning major and two-year study in Government. Both my children attend public schools in Irving and I know the significance of a strong school system when deciding where to live.

As Mayor, I am working to create new partnerships with our schools and businesses, promote quality education, praise our excellent teaching staff, and recognize our highly accomplished students. I am personally committed to ensuring we have schools that motivate, teachers that inspire, and principals who lead to help create a highly skilled workforce that will attract both businesses and families.