Make YOUR VOICE Count – Budget Update II

Fellow Irving Citizens,

It has been two weeks since we began the budget process for the City of Irving.  I’m proud to say that because the citizens of Irving are speaking out, we are making progress toward a common-sense budget that sets priorities, one of which is delivering a tax rate cut for our citizens.  We appreciate the input but we need to hear from more of you.

We have reached a critical point where your voice will make all the difference if you AGREE IRVING TAXPAYERS DESERVE A BREAK.

Here’s why: we are down to the final days of budget development and as I’ve seen over the years, time and again, the people who come before council in these critical last days are coming because they are interested in spending more money and don’t want to cut tax rates.  The Irving City Council needs to hear from you NOW – loud and clear – that you want a tax rate cut!

It’s easy for candidates to make promises during election time but this is where Irving voters must HOLD THE COUNCIL ACCOUNTABLE.  There are families who are struggling and can use this break immediately – they deserve our help.

Please, take a moment TODAY, if you haven’t already, and e-mail your clear interest in cutting Irving’s tax rate.

Without your support, this may not happen.  Without your support, the people who want to spend more of your tax money will do so.  I don’t want to see that happen.

Speak out TODAY and make your voice count!

Mayor Beth VanDuyne